A grateful heart

I’ve been a volunteer for nearly 7 years now.

These experiences have been teaching me how to take the opportunities to learn, to participate in something new, to be part in the fun and joy, to hear that I am good in many aspects and activities. I remember the time when I’ve got an opportunity to volunteer and do a good deed for the kids from Sângeorgiu de Pădure. I was fearful too, but my motivation won. As a teacher I benefit enormously from my volunteering experiences. My heart is filled with gratitude.

At Sângeorgiu de Pădure there are daily activities for kids at Caritas. During the summer an Art And Crafts Camp took place, where the kids had three or four hours daily art and craft activities, very colourful and original ideas to bring the creative skills into action. Thanks to the kids` efforts there has been a camp flag designed too, this new flag became a special aspect of their time spent together in the camp.

This has been only one aspect of my experiences with these kids. We’ve been studying a lot together, I’ve been organising different games, giving opportunities for developments for example speaking, expressing themselves. In each activity I see the shine in the children’s eyes, and the joy on their faces.

I could carry on listing all the benefits of working with these kids, buy I won’t. But I would like to note that it is such a pleasure for me to be able to support and help with my work, I feel the kids show their gratitude by their smiles, their involvement in the activities, their appreciation comes across in their words, in their drawings and in their friendly cuddles to me. And they fill my heart with so much happiness and gratitude, too.

As a volunteer my aim is to bring such goodness, such opportunities what I’ve had in my life too, and to bring a smile onto their faces. The best feedback to me is when someone is happy and smiles. This feels enormously good for me, especially when I am able to be part of their happiness too. We all know that change comes by opening doors, from inside. And as a volunteer my aim is to bring happiness, to change for the better these kids’ lives.

Tamás Abigél Annamária,

Translated by: Fazakas Teréz