A surprising sweetness

The preparations for this event had started a week before. There were numerous ideas, one better than the other, but we could choose only one of them.

The idea to make a scone was popular for the volunteers, who contributed with ingredients, joy and love.
The visit to three families living in the Petrila-Lonea-Cimpa area was full of joy and smiles between the volunteers as well as the elderly, who not only were grateful for our actions but even invited us for a future visit.
All moments that were spent at the side of these elderly folks were an exciting lesson for us, should we talk about the situation in which these people are living, or about the stories they told us, every moment was magical. We`d like to thank the home caretaker ladies from Petrosani for giving us the opportunity to offer these people a good day, because they are examples for all of us.

A few words from the volunteers about this event:
„It was a day full of emotions and smiles where we could see the happiness of these elderly people, when we entered their house.” Tina Matraș
„Yesterday was an emotional one for the volunteers as well as for the families we visited. We shed tears of joy, and we shared feelings that cannot be expressed in words.” Maya Matieș

Gagyi Maria, Caritas Petroșani volunteer

(translated by Teklesz Botond)