Amusing volunteer gala

There was a large crowd in the lobby. They were gathered for a gala, counting lucky raffle numbers at the registration table. Chattering, chirping, twittering, whispering, churring, friendship, love and stories filled the Caritas House.

The joy of the elderly was mingled with stage fright when the senior dance tunes were played. The rhythm quickened, the playfulness was released, the applause increased. Not just for the performers, but for the audience too. Dance is contagious, so is yawning. The audience wanted to dance. The palms clacked, the arms swung, the legs thumped, the laughing muscles arched upwards. The recognition of over a hundred young and senior volunteers was tingling. The volunteer gala was opened with a senior dance show by the Mother Teresa Day Center for the Elderly.

Pictures were projected on the wall, on the projector screen, which everyone saw, and what everyone has only seen for themselves: events of the past year. From the nostalgia, the classical music performance of László Barna Ludescher and Janka Ludescher lured us back to the present. The two young artists played the joyful melodies on violin and flute with clarity, precision and in beautiful harmony with each other, the winding of which reminded me of a meandering river. The musical programme was continued by Tekla Orbán, a volunteer from Cristești. She sang well-known songs, her voice was a delight. We used to hum with her and dream of singing karaoke at home where no one could see us.

Not has anyone seen the virtues and skills we have acquired during our volunteering experience. We wrote some of them on the balloons. We tried to swing a hundred colourful balloons above our heads in a disciplined way to please the photographer, it turned out to be a light-hearted game, but in the end we got the photo right. Just like the others in front of the retro-style photo booth.

We felt like dancing. All the more so because we were a little overwhelmed with champagne and glory after all the recognition and thank-you gifts.

Our event was supported by the Bethlen Gábor Fund, the Communitas Foundation and the Mures County Council. Thank you!

Written by: Júlia Orbán
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás