Caritas’ City Day activities were popular

With fun, laughter, children’s voices and many happy moments, Caritas Alba Iulia celebrated the 30th Saint George Days in Sfântu Gheorghe. On the 29th of April, on a Saturday, the organization’s staff and volunteers from Covasna county entertained the city’s youngest children with imaginative games and activities.

In the framework of the Saint George’s Days from 2023, Caritas workers from Covasna county prepared for the Children’s City event an interactive activity, where curious children took turns to color and fill in the white cardboard wall set up in a sunny corner of Elizabeth Park, using their own imagination, which by the end of the day had grown into a large collective creation. The young people from Sfântu Gheorghe and the surrounding area arrived at the Caritas tent with a keen eye, a great spirit of discovery and an open mind, taking with them the pleasant experiences of the minutes and hours spent there, their photo, the badge they made and the good/bad feeling they wrapped up in a balloon.

They also got to try out dial and push button phones, or what it was like to use a typewriter not so long ago, but they also got to give their opinions on bitter chocolate, verbosity and shadow-reducing feathers, the exhaust pipe, short basketball players, calluses, the brave bunny, the turtle-less turtle, the cowardly lion, the happy rain cloud, the unfinished fairy tale, or even the topics they thought were most important. They also had the opportunity to show their creativity by painting as many colorful leaves as possible on a bare tree with their fingers, creating a self-portrait with the help of a mirror, drawing in sand, or playing creative games to pass the time.

Throughout the day, the focus was on sensibility and fun, giving the participants the opportunity to develop in a joyful way, to experience the joy of creating, to release tensions, to express themselves and to form their own opinions. In addition, the games were built around ideas such as: the right to play, the right to be happy, the right to laugh (not laugh at), the right to spend my free time freely; the right to be myself, to be who I am; the right to be accepted as I am by others; the right to my opinions, my thoughts, and to express myself freely.

Written by: Ferenc Tibodi
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás