Caritas YOUNG

Caritas` participation in Udvarhely’s town festival

I’ve been thinking about volunteering for such a long time, but something always came across, my fear of not knowing if I will be good enough or my own busy schedules. I’ve heard about this new opportunity, the Caritas’ presence at the town festival. I applied with no hesitation, and my fear vanished once I landed in the Caritas team.

Although this was a new and strange place for me at first, I didn’t feel myself as a stranger. It felt like being part of a big miracle, where all people work happily together for a common goal. I’ve noticed how involved the kids felt, with their faces lit up by happiness and their curiosity motivated them to try out all the games and collect stickers.

I myself used to be a quiet, more withdrawn child, and I was watching these children becoming so actively involved, including their parents, their attention being in the present time, forgetting about all of their worries, concentrating only on the joy of playing.This was a feedback to me about the Caritas program fulfilling its aim.

While observing the kids` games, I remembered how much good is out there in the world. One kid tried his best to reach the highest level in a game, but when he realised he won’t make it, he called for team effort. And whilst his team was collecting stickers, he showed fairness and accepted everyone’s effort, he no longer wanted to be the first and the best of. The more they played together, the more joy he experienced. His actions made me reflect on the Caritas’ message of paying attention to each other, to support others, and share joy and happiness. How to pause and forget our sorrow and be there for others, to laugh together, happiness is there for everyone. It felt like a balm to our losses due the latest challenging times and that the wounds are healing now

This experience feels lasting forever in my heart and soul, being part of a big family, I felt accepted within the team. I felt at home. I felt emotionally recharged. I would like to recommend volunteering for Caritas if someone wants an experience for a lifetime.

This has been one of the best decisions of my life, to become a volunteer for Caritas, where everyone is welcomed, becomes an equal part of the team, where people dare to work and laugh together, they involve others to their activities, as that little kid said, together is the best way.

Kelemen Tímea,

Translated by: Fazakas Teréz