Caritas, volunteer work with the elderly. The community of wonderful souls

Being curious and hungry for experience, and thanks to the leader of the Caritas Odorheiu Secuiesc volunteering program, I was able to gain insight into the community of a small group of elders. I can’t say that I didn’t worry beforehand about how they would receive me, how could I even be of help to them, but just as we arrived, a smile spread across my face.

Imagine a group of grandmas and a single grandpa who are automatically happy that you spend time with them, and who throw themselves so enthusiastically into the task that it’s a joy to be with them. A company of wonderful people who are more likely to give the volunteers unforgettable moments, rather than the volunteers to them. So far, with the exception of my grandparents, I didn’t have any experience with elderly communities, but going into this small group was incredibly recharging and healing for me.

We made summer fairies with yarn, markers and wooden balls, the grannies liked to choose between the yarns, some of them even made two little fairies, saying that they have two grandchildren, and well, both of them need one. I made a small red angel for the only grandpa. I really like handicraft works, I paint and draw, but so far none of my works gave me such satisfaction and happiness like making grandpa Berci’s little angel.

Giving is always better than receiving, and dear readers, I truly felt gratitude yesterday. I thank the good Lord that he led me to these people, so that even though I am a stranger to them, I could feel that I was surrounded by unconditional love.

The community has real long-lasting and healing energy. I want to encourage everyone who wants to volunteer, for me it was an inspirational experience. I thank Réka for taking me under her wings and for the opportunity to give something back to society, selflessly.

Article: Zsuzsanna Farkas, volunteer
Translation: Edith Kerestely, volunteer