Thinking back to the training there are many thoughts and feelings whirling in me…

The second I was invited to this program I became very curious and I was looking forward to it excitedly. I was on the edge Friday before the departure, as I realized that I barely knew a few people, and I have trouble mingling with foreigners. At the arrival the meeting place was wonderful, the ambient was homely and we were given a warm welcome.

Our first program was getting to know each other, whereupon we were challenged to play different games. My personal favorite was the drawn mailbox, which consisted of an envelope glued to us, and during the camp everybody was allowed to put messages into it. I was surprised upon seeing how many messages I got, and those few lines or words were warming for my heart. During the evening we could choose from different activities. I participated at the movie evening, which was a huge experience. We watched „ The Untouchables” which gave me further motivation.

On Saturday Istvan Cosma held us a lecture and different workshops. I was trying to pick up every information like a sponge. For me one of the most important lessons was that children must not be cast out of their comfort zone into the panic zone, as their reaction will be introversion. I realized how important gradualism is, and that there can be purple snowmen. We learnt that motivation is like taking a shower, it isn`t enough to take one in a week.

We endeavored quite a few exciting games, which we will play in our own groups as well. We became aware of the fact that volunteering „infects” our whole lives and that we were volunteers long before becoming aware of this.

On Saturday evening we were trying to answer the questions of what exactly is volunteering giving us, what should we add, where are we at this moment, and why exactly did we become volunteers, or why do we advertise this kind of activity to others.

I grew in many aspects during these two days. I hope that there will be many similar activities in the future. But I learnt a beautiful quote which is in my mind ever since:

„Your deed is but a drop in the sea, but without it the sea would be less deep.”

Ferencz Viola, volunteer at Odorheiu Secuiesc

(translated by Botond Teklesz)