Endless joyous moments and carefree laughter at the main square of Târgu Secuiesc

Same as the previous years, this year’s Autumn Festival has been very popular again.

It was organised for the thirty second time, and the Children’s Town programs also took place in its framework. The volunteers of Caritas Alba Iulia’s Social Services Bench have dreamt, built and maintained this children’s oasis, where they offered creative ideas for activities and games. 1600 children took part in the activities and games, which can be characterised by cheerful and friendly atmosphere, endless laughters, joyous moments. This turned out to become a serious mood booster for the kids right before the beginning of school.

Previous years’ traditions formed the base of the activities where children were able to experience how is to be a grown-up. Parents and children were given playful opportunities to reinforce their relationship.

The reward for each creative game and activity was a letter. Once these letters were collected, kids could form words out of them. They exchanged the words to rewards at different corners. Face painting, hairdressing, pottering, jewellery making, typewriting, photo shooting, bread making and banking were on plate for the kids to spend their money on and to try out their independence.

Here is a summary of the Children’s Town, a proof of many joyous and happy memories and moments for all participants: a town festival, a postbox, a potter, a button football, dolls, a magic carpet, two teams with a wheelbarrow, three days filled with joy and laughter, a typewriter, words games, 7kg flour, eleven creative workshops, 13 colleagues from Caritas, 16 opening hours, 25 different games, 31 degree Celsius heat, the 32nd Autumn Festival, 68 volunteers, 69 letters typed and posted by the children, 80kg clay, 109 braided hair, 113 clay pottery items, 168 unique face paintings, 193 bracelets and necklaces, 250 stamps, 317 pictures, 787 people whom they took picture of, 544 magical gingerbread, 1608 happy and smiley kids, 3216 patient parents and grandparents and a collection of over 10.000 letters, which all result in endless joyous moments and laughter at the Children’s Town.

Partners and supporting groups: The Town Hall of Târgu Secuiesc, Wegener Pro Sanitate Foundation, FireFreezy, Slagertrans, K&H Solution, Cicerom.

Tibodi Ferenc

Translated by: Fazakas Teréz