Good work requires time

„Good work requires time” – they say so. But how exactly do you find the time for it? This was the question of the weekend, led by Juckó Molnár and Orsolya Maxim, as part of the Volunteer Meeting organized by Caritas Alba Iulia. Our team of thirty-three participants was certainly similar in one thing during these two days: we all wanted to manage our time better.

I like these trainings because I always learn something new, even if I think I know a certain topic. It was the same this time, both individually and as a team, we improved and learned, so that we can apply what we heard in our everyday life.

Friday was a day of bonding and vibing, getting to know each other, the place and the theme of our weekend. We learned, for example, that there are six types of people when it comes to time management. It was interesting to decide which one really suited us, to see how diverse the group was, to find people like us, to discuss the time management difficulties of that type and then to brainstorm solutions with them. How can an over-achiever make his tasks easier? How should a procrastinator get to work? How should a perfectionist let go of the leash? How should an underachiever plan his tasks better? – these are the questions we touched on and discussed. In the evenings, we got to know each other through round table discussions, board games, a walk around the city or just a little relaxation, whoever felt like it.

On Saturday, we set to work with renewed energy and excitement to learn more about the topic and to learn more about ourselves. At the beginning of the day, we talked about theory. For example, what is the difference between desire and purpose, what is a comfort zone and how to step out of it to improve, how to relax and how to dare to celebrate after achieving a goal. After lunch, we played games, made fruit salad and found out how a little chick can become Superman or Wonder woman. Then the real teamwork started, the brain wheels were spinning, everyone put their heart and soul into it. Each team was made up of five people, and we worked to find solutions on a timetable, which we then presented to the others, so that everyone could find the right method for themselves.

We can use the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize our tasks. The Pomodoro Technique allows us to learn more efficiently without interruptions. We learned about the concept of Time Batching, and a few other apps to help us organize. Two „rules” were also mentioned: you swallow the frog and, however much you don’t like it, you do the harder task first; and the five-minute rule: you start, you do five minutes of it, and then you get the hang of it, you’re already into it. We also made „pizzas” together, we divided into three teams, while realizing the importance of discussing the tasks and dividing the work according to our strengths. We’ve managed our time, some more, some less, to make as much profit as possible in the end, and to make production as efficient as possible. We’ve learned how different we are, how we think differently, plan differently, execute differently, but we’ve managed to get everyone to work in harmony and to work together.

All in all, it was an active and enjoyable weekend that I think very few of us would trade for anything else. We learned, we relaxed, we had fun. Time just flew by, yet so much happened…

The time management training took place at the Tip-Top Panzio in Tîrgu-Mureș. We thank Tîrgu-Mureș Mayor’s Office for their support!

Written by: Eszter Makkai, volunteer
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás, volunteer