Group planning

“A job can be done well only if there is a consistent preparation for it beforehand.” – says Andras Rung, and we believe his words are true. As such we try to prepare for our monthly engagements, and we invite you – dear volunteers – to take part in them actively.

This time we thought if you are part of the program, why shouldn’t we prepare for the upcoming months together? We are happy that you came in great number when we invited you, and that you think it is so important to be part of different activities.

Those who could not be with us might ask what did we achieve during only a few hours?

We enjoyed that we could meet again, to share the hardships and joys of the past months, then we played a few team games to warm up and face the tasks ahead of us. The tower building that we played was interesting and challenging as well, as it reflected upon the importance of the fact that when we are planning ahead, it is relevant to consider the smallest details, then run through the plans so as not to miss anything important.

When we saw that we will have many activities in the upcoming months, we tried to plan in groups a theme or event in details starting from fore-planning to the action itself, or we tried to come up with new ideas for the activities that we have gotten used to. Finally we tried to find suitable schedules for mutual meetings that would suit all of us.
It is true that we got tired at the end of the day, but I think it was a useful evening.

You can find pictures here.

Fekete Gyöngyvér, volunteer coordinator at Târgu Mureș

(translated by Botond Teklesz)