I am grateful to you!

Volunteers’ Gala – Young people building community!

Gratitude is the word that remains longer in our hearts at the end of the year. There is gratitude in my heart too, for being able to organize the volunteers’ gala, because volunteering is probably one of the best things in the world, and the gala is the best occasion to be thankful for your volunteer work.

The pandemic changed many things in Caritas’s and its volunteers lives in the last years. We looked forward to meeting each other in person at the end of the year, to seeing the new faces who joined our volunteer community during the year and to thank them personally for their tirelessness, enthusiasm and for their activity throughout the year. Unfortunately, the restrictions didn’t make it possible for us to meet personally, so we organized the Volunteers’ Gala on an online platform this year.

Obviously, it couldn’t be compared to a live event, but I still have gratitude in my heart, because we were able to be together and to see each other’s smiles through the screens. When I saw the sand drawing illustrating the volunteers’ work, it was uplifting for me. It was good to hear the Fundamentum Band singing all those beautiful songs that warmed our hearts. And when we looked through some of the photos taken during the year, it brought us in a nostalgic mood.

At the end of the gala, we saw a short video containing the best moments of our volunteer work. Beside the fact, that it woke good memories in us, it was also ment to promote selfless volunteering and to remind young people, that volunteers are always needed.

The event was supported by the Harghita Sport and Youth County Directorate, the Bethlen Gábor Fund and the Communitas Foundation. Thank you!

Szilvia Gáspár-Sali,
Volunteer Coordinator

Translated by:
Noémi-Katalin Razman