My experience at Caritas

More than a year ago I joined the team of Caritas volunteers in Petrosani. In this relatively short period of time I collected numerous memories while participating in Caritas activities.

One of the most important event took place in this summer at the Work Camp organised in our town. In this period of time I really learnt how important responsibility and dedication are in order to succeed at a certain thing.
The „One million star” project presupposes teamwork and socialisation. Despite the fact that for me socialising with strangers is a challenge I realised that many people are benevolent and they wish to help, and this enabled me to get over my fear.
It makes me really happy personally that others were succesfully guided to do some good.
In this year I participated in the Volunteer Gala, in Csíkszereda and beside the fact that it was a special occasion, when we recieved certificates and little presents I realised that we are a big volunteer family from different regions, speaking different languages, but with the very same wish: to help our fellow humans and the community we are part of.

Georgiana Roșca, volunteer in Petrosani