My impressions

In that moment, when I decided to become a volunteer at Caritas, I knew that I would gain special experience, but, to be honest it was not exactly clear for me, what it is like to be a volunteer at this organisation. However, right now, after several months I see things differently.

I realised that Caritas eventually represents a world full of employees and volunteers dedicated to their work and at the same time a world full of people who pay attention to those around them who really care and act accordingly. What happens here is not just empty talk about people in need, people who seem to be forgotten by society, and the things do not remain at the level of a conversational topic. No! Here the words become actions and people unite their powers in order to solve the problems around us, our problems.
For instance, the “Maria Stein” Daily Center for Kids in Petrosani is a place, where more than ten children get hot lunch and where learning is connected to playing. I chose to spend a period of my volunteering in this place, and honestly I do not regret it at all. The children, employees and volunteers create a pleasant atmosphere there, so one goes there with joy. The smile of children when you put before them a plate of hot meal and a “thank you” after you helped to solve a maths problem means more than money or any material good. I can still recall the first day I was there and how good it felt. I was fascinated by the playful and communicative children, who were full of life energy. They came to us, volunteers, they hugged us and asked us to play with them, they behaved as if they had known us forever. I think these are expiences that cannot be forgotten. At that place the time seems to stop for a moment, letting us to feel the joy of our simple presence and the children who make our days happier by their innocence, optimism and honesty.
I had wonderful moments in the world of Caritas in these past few months, I learnt many new things, met many new people, made new friends. In short, it was an amazing experience. Finally, I can’t wait to see what activities and experiences await us, volunteers in the future at Caritas.

Mihaela Cărăușu – 18 years old, volunteer in Petrosani