Study tour

Together with our volunteer coordinator colleagues we participated in a three-study tour between the 6-8th of February at different NGOs of Transylvania and Partium. The goal of the trip was for us to take a look into the functioning of other organizations, into their organizational culture, but most importantly to share our experiences about volunteers: what does the presence of the volunteers mean in the lives of the organizations, how do they relate to them and to each other on organization level? We were attentive so that not only we’d be given information about the specific organizations but as well share our experiences, our volunteering policy, and so every time we had a friendly talk with the workers or the leaders of those organizations.

At the beginning of the week we visited the Haromszek Volunteer Center (HOK), then we met the volunteer team coordinated by the Covasna County Red Cross, followed by the Eagle Youth Office. It was a nice experience to see the functioning of these organizations, how do they relate to the work of the local and foreign volunteers, what is the leading policy inside of the organizations. We were happy to see how these different segments were actually working together.

Our second stop was in Cluj-Napoca, where we managed to visit four of the many civilian organizations. First we went to the Diaconate Christian Foundation, secondly to the main office of the Youth Association of the Transylvanian Reformed Church, then to the National David Ferenc Youth Center, and at last to the Yuppi Camp’s organizing team where we exchanged knowledge.

Our third and last stop was at the Szatmar Diocese Caritas. We arrived to our last stop with great anticipation, to find out the strategy of the organization with which we share common ideas. During the long conversations we learned a great deal from each other, it was a joy for us to see the other’s work mechanism, and the work with volunteers at these organizations.

We’d like to thank for the kindness of the hosting organizations, we are hoping for future meetings.

the volunteer coordinators team

(translated by Botond Teklesz)