This was Children’s City – Autumn Festival, 2021

<< The atmosphere in this year’s Children’s Town was magical. You could feel the energy in the air, both from the children and the volunteers. 

Everyone knew their job, this selfless work, in which the children were finally involved on Sunday afternoon, ran smoothly. Personally, I did not feel the effects of the pandemic, this weekend reminded me of the atmosphere of the Autumn Fair 2019, 2018.

As always, I can say this, the most amazing feeling about volunteering is when I can see the children laughing and I can reassure them that they are playing well. Together with my fellow volunteers, I can say that we have had a lively and energetic weekend!> (Zsuzsa Albert)

<<As a volunteer at this year’s Autumn Fair, I was able to participate in my first Children’s Town, which was like a world of its own for me, full of children, games, laughter and creativity. In the few hours we spent there all three days, I felt completely disconnected from the outside world, as if there was no world outside our own little space that we had created together with the organisers, volunteers and children. I ran a button/bead making workshop for these three days, where boys and girls alike came in and made bracelets, necklaces, key chains and even talismans.

Many children brought a smile to my face with their diversity, their sense of justice was also shown here, as some of them told me that we should not be allowed to lace as workshop leaders either, if we do not bring a word to replace the bracelet. On the morning of the last day, I was told that by then over a thousand children had turned up at the Striped, Polka-dotted, Plaid Children’s Square, I was pleased that we had had success and by the end that number had risen to nearly 1500.

I also met familiar faces, returning ‘guests’, and our workshop showed that many little ones were trying their hand at their craft. As a student of social work, I was also very impressed by the Caritas professionals in the sense that I could see how they organise an event, but we volunteers were also very much needed, together we were the heart of the whole Children’s City, and at the top of it were the children.

It was a tremendous experience to be able to experience this as an adult, as a volunteer, but also as a child, and to be able to contribute in many ways to the healthy development of the children, which I consider to be the most important professional goal. I hope that it will be organised again next year and that we will once again be able to meet new and old faces and memories and go forward with fresh experiences. >> (Kinga Márton)

We are grateful for our volunteers, partners and supporters for their work and contributions to this year’s Children’s City! We hope to be here again next year.

Translate: Ramzman Noémi-Katalin