Together again

Team buildings are an important part of volunteering. I could describe it like being covered in a lot of glue upon arrival so that every little thing will just stick to you. The glue won’t let even the smallest of things fall off or slip away, it will hold everything together, making sure that when you go home after one of these meetings, you don’t fit through the doorway because of everything you’ve received there. Of course, this is just metaphorically speaking.

To anyone who hasn’t taken part in one of these team buildings yet: don’t worry, the coordinators and trainers are not going to stand by the gate with a bucket of glue, waiting to smear it all over you. The glue that I am talking about consists of the love, dedication, attention and interest you have that help you to become so much richer and to be able to say that, once again, you have learnt something new.

Personally, I always receive a lot of energy from the others, they motivate me and give me strength to overcome the challenges of everyday life. In addition, all the new friendships, the new information, the kind smiles, words and hugs (of course, taking account of the COVID measures) are also very important for me.

This weekend’s team building was at Băile Homorod, where the small group of volunteers could reunite and recharge. There weren’t many of us, but together we were so much greater.  

From Friday afternoon until Saturday evening, we spent an amazing one and a half day surrounded by old and new faces, in a wonderful place, with great organizers. During this time, we did so many things: we got to know each other, we had great conversations and storytelling, we explored our volunteering activities and ourselves. The great atmosphere and delicious food only enhanced this altogether wonderful experience. 

It is always an amazing feeling to meet with my fellow volunteers from everywhere, to chat, exchange experiences, tell jokes or just watch the sunset, yet every time has its own magic, every meeting is uniquely different. One thing they all have in common is that they always remind me that many hands make light work.  

I’m looking forward to the next one, I’ll see you there!


Karola György-Háromszéki
volunteer in Târgu Secuiesc

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