Together for Căpâlniţa

The 15th Caritas Work Camp started on the 17th of June 2018. The organizer team started to gather slowly, then the course of the events started to speed up. The team made up of 21 persons were employees and volunteers of Caritas Alba Iulia. After the briefing, everybody started their work so we would be ready to receive the volunteers. The 18 people from the Căpâlniţa organizer team, the employees of the mayors’ office, the KIT members (Căpâlniţa Youth Council), the directress and even the local priest gladly helped in arranging the activities.

On Monday at noon, the gates of the village opened, and the volunteers just started to pour in. This year too, the camp started with a Holy Mass and welcome speeches, after which the youth filled the ordinary life of the village with noise, clamor, pips and laughter.

Volunteer for the community – this motto was printed on the T-shirts of 147 participants, who worked for a week at 10 working points, and for 2100 hours they painted, polished, reconditioned and beautified the public places of Căpâlniţa. During the Work Camp the participants used up 150 liters of paint, 130 paintbrushes, 50 meters of sandpaper and 15 liters of diluent, leaving behind embellished playgrounds, a renewed stage for Homoródlok, public spaces, community centres, but also a daycamp for children based on the kingdom of feelings at which the 1-4th graders from the Kriza Janos school took part etc.

After the work ended, the locals and the volunteers had the possibility to develop themselves in many areas: from high precision work to interactive personal development and motivational speeches. The main elements of the camp couldn’t be left out this year either: the barn dance, the hike to the Mădăraş Harghita mountain, the campfire with guitar back-up and the party.

We thank everybody, who elevated the XV. Caritas Work Camp at Căpâlniţa with their presence, support, time, labor, expertise, and experience.

Molnár-Aczél Zsuzsánna, volunteer koordinator at Sfântu Gheorghe

(translated by Daniel Zibilianu)