Volunteer Expo. Be the change in others` lives!

An interactive photo exhibition. Our Volunteer Expo event is designed to encourage young people to get actively involved in their communities and to solve social problems through volunteering. By organizing an interactive programme, we want to raise young people’s interest in volunteering, showing the beauty and diversity of it and its impact on a community.

The programme, which lasted around 120 minutes, was open to school groups by pre-registration. At the beginning of the session, all groups were introduced to the world of volunteering (through games and a presentation on the role and importance of volunteering), and then, by looking at the exhibits (large photos of volunteering activities and the impact of volunteering), we created an atmosphere in which they could discuss their feelings and thoughts about the impact of volunteering and the social problems they encountered in the exhibits.

After a visit to the exhibition, the students tested their knowledge by answering questions on different aspects of volunteering and were rewarded with a small gift. The session ended with a presentation of volunteering opportunities in the region. Participants also had an opportunity to discuss their arising questions.

Our activities were supported by the County Council of Covasna and the Bethlen Gábor Fund! Thank you!

Written by: Beáta Bogdán, coordinator
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás