Volunteers` Gala – Young people building community!

Volunteering, thankfulness, togetherness – a project aimed at promoting civic engagement through volunteering activities of young people in Harghita County.

The Gala entitled “Young people building community!” is intended to motivate young people who volunteer, to acknowledge the work they do for people in need in Harghita County and to thank them for it. Our project contributes to young people acting as a “change engine” in creating sustainable communities by encouraging or motivating them to volunteer.

We welcome active volunteers aged 16–35 who are volunteering in Harghita County, as well as open-minded young people who have not volunteered before but are willing to take up the challenge.

Project duration: 11.10. – 26.11. 2021.

The project was supported by the Harghita Sport and Youth County Directorate. Thank you!

Translated by:
Noémi-Katalin Razman