What feels a volunteer?

People who does not practice volunteering think that being a volunteer is not a big deal.

Volunteering is not about helping somebody and getting something in exchange. Volunteering is about helping because you want to help, not because you expect something for your help. I have always loved helping people who needed my help. I have never expected something for my help, because it was enought he smile or the love of the people.
What we expect from people who are in the hospital, and are waiting to get better? Being a volunteer in the programe called „The Library of the Hospital” I have the occasion to visit people from the hospital every Monday and to help them with a book to forget their problems. I got nothing for this work, and I did not want anything. For me and my colleagues was enough to be there, to help and to see in the eyes of the patients the thankfulness. After leaving the hospital we were energized and charged. Of course, there were moments when we left with tears in our eyes, because one of the patients shared with us his problems, his fears. We have never said that we are not interested in his story, and we listened to it. We were happy that we could help. This people need care, not to get only books. They need to talk and to forget their problems for a short time.
For me it was not matter if a programe was in rain, in snow, in winter or in summer. For example, there is the programe called „One million stars for the poor families”, which means that people can donate money for families, and they get a candle for their help. In this programme there are hundreds of candles which are sold in thisway, and their number is increasing. For me was an unforgettable experience when an old lady came and asked us how much was a candle. We told her that she had to donate anythings he want, and then she told us that her son gave her money, because he could not get there in tahat evening. So she bought two candles and she donate 200 Ron. Everybody was wondering that exists people who care not for the amount they donate, because they know that they help poorer people than them. It is a wonderful feeling helping some body who can never do the same for you, but his love and thankfulness has a bigger value than money. Being a volunteer is the best thing in the world. It has more value than money knowing that I am a volunteer because I like and I want to help. Inconclusion, I want to say thank you because I can be a volunteer and I can be part of these wonderful programes. Finally, there is a picture from the programe „One million stars for the poor families”.
Gál Gabriella, volunteer from Miercurea Ciuc