Whose is this going to be?

A huge factory. A few brown boxes with hundreds of kindnesses wrapped in colourful packaging.

Many sheets of paper with data on them, unsuspecting children’s faces behind each, hopefully with happy looks in their eyes. “I’m choosing Glăjărie!” – I said quickly when I saw the name of my home village on the list. Since I know most of the children from here, I could already see their smiling, curious faces as they received the beautiful shoeboxes and the gifts wrapped with love. With this enthusiasm, I started packing the boxes.

Everyone around me was bustling about, packing, sorting, counting and even counting again if necessary. And all the while, our eyes met many happy, joyful eyes. We haven’t seen the moment they were packed and we may not know much about the unpacking, but we are sure that every little shoebox will find a grateful heart. “Whose is this going to be? And what about this one?” – was the thought that crossed my mind several times as I moved the boxes from one place to another, while my “fellow angels” passed by with quick steps and big smiles.

May the shoeboxes bring deep, lasting joy to whomever receives them and may God’s rich blessing be upon them to strive for gratitude, to help others and to show selfless, sincere love, not only around Christmas but every day of the year!

Klára Benkő,
Volunteer in Târgu Mureș

Translated by:
Noémi-Katalin Razman

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