Working and having fun in the same time

I have just come back home from the camp which was held in Băile Tușnad and I can already say that I have started to miss the camp! This camp – which is organised every year by Caritas – is an amazing experience for me. It was very pleasant to see again some of the friends that I made in the last camp; and I can say that I met some wonderful people with whom I hope that I will keep in touch.

The working hours were very nice too. I was to paint something everyday: on the first day I painted a stair near the gym, on the second day I painted some benches downtown and on the last day I varnished the marketplace and the fence which was around it. All of these were very easy to do because we worked together, we were a team.

Moreover the rest of the activities were full of fun,creativity and relaxation, such as the camp fire, the pool or the workshop where we made some kind of covers for our phones using wool.

This camp is an experience which I will never forget, starting from the first moment when I were on the train to Tușnad and until I arrived back home.

Alina Bălan, volunteer from Petroșani