Adventures at Tusvanyos

While last year we left small marks in the lives of those in our camp, this year we led those at the festival into the adventures of volunteering, as our guests told their stories about their experiences as volunteers abroad. Everybody could participate to the conversations; they could ask questions while sipping delicious lemonades.

We told stories to young people of three different cultures. Csíki Réka and Nagy Attila told us about their work as volunteers in Africa, László Katalin told her stories about her road to India, and Dombi Gabriella shared her knowledge after a whole year of volunteering in Germany.

It was swell to see how many youngsters were interested in the topic, and the way they took pleasure in listening to the stories. They asked countless questions about the different cultures and our volunteers answered them with pleasure. Superb discussions were led during the two hours, and everyone left satisfied after the program. Our lecturers were pleasantly surprised by the fact that so many were interested in their stories, and their trips are not mere adventures anymore but happenings that have changed their lives.

Tőkés Beáta, volunteer coordinator, Târgu Mureş

Tusványos in pictures