An hour in the Hospital

Everybody knows that sparkling eyes which shows gratefulness, and if I have to think, which is the thing that keep us alive, I would say these wonderful eyes.

Not only because I feel extremely happy when I see these eyes, but because in this corrupt world they make us feel that we are useful; even if we are running every day, even if we try to response for all expectations, even if we try to escape from the developmnet of the technology and even if we hit our heads in the walls, trying to study, there is an hour, when every noise disapeares and we realise that beautiful things exist in our lifes. Beauty is relative, but I think that we are on common sense when I say that an hour spended with little and grateful children is very beautiful. And it is beautiful if you are lost in that wonderful eyes, forgetting that Iphone which you are dreaming for, and which in a couple of years will become useless and without a value, and realise which priceless is an honest smile, a loud laugh. And beauty… beauty is what remains to you for a long time, forever. The care and compliment of a little, suffering child; the scale of sentences which make me smile in sad situations; the moments, when they hold your hand with thankfulness; the questions related to the date when they have to go home; the prayers to stay more with them and play, because without it their life is boring: there are memories which will remains forever. And this is only an hour. An hour to fill up for continuing the monotone life. An hour to experience new wonders.

György Márta, volunteer from Miercurea Ciuc