Volunteering in Romania

In a while I would like to serve voluntary service in a foreign country to support people in need and
to help wherever man power is needed. Now I’m staying here in Romania for one year as a
volunteer at the Caritas. I am sure that I can learn really much whereof I can not even think right
now in the 8 months which are left.
Daily, I’m working in a center for children in need, where we take lunch together, doing homework
and having different activities. I’m also volunteering in other activities of the Caritas, like „un
milion de stele“, a benefit run or the „Weihnächtspäckchenkonvoi“, a week in which we distributed
Christmas presents with another group of German volunteers to children in need. So I have the
chance to get to know different projects and different surroundings.
In the beginning I only could help with simple actions because I haven’t known any word in
Romanian but with every day my language skills are getting better and I’m feeling more useful in
the work which I’m doing, especially in the day center for children where I can help with the
homework now.
So far, with the many experiences I made here, I can say, that volunteering isn’t about changing the
world, it’s about giving little moments of happiness to people in need.