As our Find Your Way to the World of Work family is

The Find Your Way to the World of Work project and its programs are located deep in my heart thanks to the always-amazing and friendly atmosphere, the thought-provoking discussions which were present during our last camp experience, too.

This time our team was unusually large with new and experienced teammates. On the one hand, I felt excited because I knew about the programs, on the other hand, I was looking forward to meet new mentors and volunteers, as well.

Our camp took place at Bucin Peak, in the asylum cottage, where – soon after our arrival – the team started to form, people looked so happy to meet again, the newcomers felt integrated very fast into the team. This brought back my very first experience as a newby, when I felt welcomed and included within the team thanks to others’ openness and their friendly approach.

We started our activities with a team building game, this elevated the friendly atmosphere and our mood. Straight after this, there took place some discussions about our skills. The Find Your Way to the World of Work experiences thought me how to be able to be present as a fellow mentor, deeper discussions, teamwork and feeling this connectedness helped my ways around this role.

During the next two days the volunteers were able to try themselves out in eight different professions, to experience the team-spirit and to get an insight into each work-group’s activity. The campfire was one of the highlights of our gathering, chatting, singing and dancing took place around it. During this evening, I felt, that everyone became my second family.

On my arrival home, I realised: even though I felt physically exhausted, I would have gone to this camp anyway and I would go again, if someone invited me. I cherish this unique feeling: happiness and beeing recharged after each camping occasion. As a reflection, I can say, that I`m very happy and grateful for our Find Your Way to the World of Work family.

Miklós-Fábián Nóra,

Translated by: Fazakas Teréz