Camp diary 1 – Tuning in

On Sunday morning we left from the Caritas House in Tîrgu-Mureș for volunteers` summer camp which was organized for the nineteenth time in Băile Selters. We arrived on winding roads, in a beautiful setting surrounded by pine trees, where the air is energizing, a refreshing mineral spring bubbles up in the courtyard and a quiet stream flows nearby.

We admired all this from the terrace of the Saint Gellért Foundation’s guest house, then we took our accommodation and got settled in. We set up soon the registration area, the press corner and the Chill Zone. We didn’t have much time, as volunteers were already arriving, check-in was taking place, greetings and programme briefings began, followed by some mood-boosting and get-to-know-you games.

László Ludescher, the director of the social department of Caritas Alba Iulia welcomed us and wished us a good party. He himself has organized several camps as a volunteer coordinator, so he not only believes, but has also experienced, that making a difference in the world can be done step by step, individually, by doing something for a good cause.

“You are the change!” – proclaims the motto of this year’s camp on the gift shirt, but Beáta Bogdán volunteer coordinator also drew our attention to it. The motto encourages diligence from those who have already participated in our summer work camps, and inspires the newcomers.

András Kocsis, the head of the volunteer programme said, that the main focus of the camps so far has been on work: helping the people of the villages, where the camps were organized, with physical work, but also on having fun. This year’s camp was an unconventional change in the ratio of work to fun, with the latter being favored.

A fun and cheerful camp can help strengthen our relationships after the pandemic. For most of our time, we can learn from mountain rescuers, listen to a health and safety lecture, go hiking and swimming, play games, watch a movie or relax in the Chill Zone.

Today’s programme started with some games in the dining room of the guest house, followed by team-building activities outdoors. Here, several groups performed a short scene from Romeo and Juliet in several variations. As creativity surfaced, shyness dissipated and the fun intensified.

We would like to thank our partners for their support: Council of Harghita county, Communitas Foundation, aticream, Csíki Csipsz, Harmopan, Odorest, END-IBO, Vekker Kávéközösség, Bethlen Gábor Fund.

Written by: Júlia Orbán
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás