Expecting springtime

The morning was full of sunshine, we were happy that the spring has arrived with slow steps. We thought that this spring feeling can be livened up even more at the evening meeting, as we prepared many games and have thought of those, too, who`d get some rest after a tiresome day by some small talk or by taking a bite. In order to immortalize these moments, we have set up the photo corner as well.

As the evening was getting closer, the weather went rather sour, but the girls weren`t scared by this, as everybody expected to share some quality time after the exams and the vacation.

Soon everyone found something interesting and the room was filled with joy, laughter and moments of enthusiasm. In the meantime we were discussing issues with the rest of the team while eating delicious sandwiches and the newly arrived girls had time to make friends and ask around about our programs and opportunities.

The evening was crowned with funny photos from the photo corner, hoping to get together again soon.

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Fekete Gyöngyvér, volunteer coordinator in Târgu Mureș