Foolish timelessness

We rush through the city, annoyed by the rookie driver in front of us… we’re going to be late because of him. We are rushing to the volunteer mentors’ meeting, where we will meet colleagues we see quite rarely. Finally, we arrive on time, so I unnecessarily encouraged the person in front of us to step on the gas more courageously.

After the professional work began, we talked about the importance of volunteers` work. The central theme was the social legislation that governs both the volunteers and our work.

In addition to the professional topic, we were also given some useful advice. A short and funny training session was also part of the day – and this is where the story gets its frame. After the morning rush, we got an extra update about time management. These trainings and good advices always come in handy, because we all tend to get on the express rail and then use the right pedal so boldly that we don’t stop at what and who is worthwhile.

Written by: Norbert Tókos, mentor of volunteers
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás, volunteer