Gabriele Pöter – a new challenge

A new challenge, to meet new people and cultures, to make myself useful for them, this was my motivation to stay in Romania.
I have always been interested in roma nationality people’s life and culture and so came in handy that I could participate in sessions for roma children in the afternoons, here. The kids are smart and kind and it was very good to help. Unfortunately, I do not know the language, so my help was limited to simple actions. Fortunately, thanks to the Caritas team I not faced problems in understanding each other because they all knew English and some of them German as well. I felt very happy and enjoyed the moments spent here!
In weekends I made trips to the surrounding towns and so i got a picture of Romania, Transylvania. The fact that the three ethnic groups here, Hungarians, Romanians and Romas using their own language they can live with each other, had a strange effect on me!
I am leaving with good memories – and who knows , maybe once I have a chance to come back !