Great joys born from small things

On Saturday morning, we set off once again for the House of Providence Nursing Home at Valea Izvoarelor. This occasion was a bit different for us: because our team gained two new members, we traveled with two cars.

As always, we were greeted by the inevitable smiling faces, full of love. At times like these, our hearts too, are filled with joy, love and gratitude that we are welcomed with such enthusiasm every time.

On this occasion we played with plasticine, which everyone liked, and everyone participated as much as they could. Many little artworks were born, either created individually, or by us following the instructions provided by the elderly, trying to create what came to life in their imagination. In addition to this, the usual and very popular beauty corner couldn’t be left behind, where nail painting is an unmissable program every time. It’s touching to see how deep their desire is for beauty, grooming, and care, and how much even a small thing like this means to them.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that each time we learn something from them too, and I also believe that these occasions are a place for mutual recharge, where everyone can give and receive something. This experience that we get from spending time with the elderly is truly special and it can’t be compared to anything.

Article: Nikoletta Krizsán, volunteer
Translation: Edith Kerestely