In the world of the small ones

The idea that we should visit the children at the school from Crivadia was born when our coordinators told us that they were not able to go there in winter because of the snow, as the school is located in a hardly accessible place. Then we, the volunteers, thought of going to visit them and give them small gifts.

From then on we had begun the preparations. We thought of the games we would play with the children, and of the material side of the action. We began to gather donations, which we did receive, so we gathered the necessary sum.
Nobody knew exactly the location of the school but with the help of the schoolmistress we finally reached the place. The school is remote and small, with 10 school-children and 3 pre-scholars.

The children were very happy when they saw us, and they greeted us warmly. When the presentations were over, the fun began. We managed to carry to success every activity we had planned, and the kids had a good time. They were very happy and they would have liked for us to stay more with them. We promised them to come again.


I had a great time with the kids, and I hope to see them again and bring smiles on their faces. The activity with the children from Crivadia was a perfect success.

Ionatan Zachman, volunteer at Petroșani

(translated by Botond Teklesz)