Knowingly with the small children

Our tale reading meeting from February was connected with a thematic training which is now the third of this kind with the team. This time the topic of our training was the development of small children, led by two very friendly colleagues of ours working at the Center for Early Development and Education.

When we started, I felt a little like I wasn’t very much in terms with this topic. That is why – in those three short hours – I was trying to gather the most knowledge possible, and to learn as much as possible. I feel that I had managed to do so.

I learned that during physical and mental development of children there isn’t anything more important than being near them as parents or as volunteers. I learned about the steps of motion development at children and I found answers to the topic of what should I do when in danger.

We had gotten richer with useful hints and ideas. We talked about things which are functioning with difficulty of not at all, and that these can’t be put into practice during the short time of our tale reading trainings. The tutors were trying to give us answers to our personal performances, and we were deliberating about the issue that the very short time we can spend with a child should be of the best quality.

During the training I found out that throughout the development of children we have to pay attention to every small detail, that the baby playpen is not helping them in learning how to walk, that we must not force them into doing anything but we must let them take their own pace. I had a wonderful time, because I learnt about something precious for me.

You can find pictures here.

Kelemen Anett, volunteer at Odorheiu Secuiesc

(translated by Botond Teklesz)