Magdalena Zimmer – My Caritas experience

Well actually I do not know where to start. It is so hard to sum up a 13 month long experience with a lot of ups and downs.

One thing I can say for sure is, that I got lucky to be part of the Caritas team but I got it even luckier because I got to be part of the Caritas team in Petrosani. I really enjoyed the work in the daycare center with the kids, even though sometimes it was exhausting and there were days, when the kids drove me crazy. Well I guess that is just how it is but in the end of the day you get so many hugs as a goodbye that you easily forget about the hard times.
Strangers you first only worked with became your friends and after a while it felt more like a big family. And of course it still does! I always felt home and taking care of and through the Caritas I met a lot of volunteers all over Romania. But not only other volunteer also other Caritas members. It is a big community with some great people that basically all share similar values.

Well what can I say. Like I said in the beginning it is so hard to sum up my experience at the Caritas in a few sentences but at the end I can say for sure that I would not change this experience I made at the Caritas Petrosani for nothing.