More than 60 small and bigger children have parked at us

The CARITAS PARKING LOT is an event which was organized for the first time with the purpose of starting a tradition at May the 6th, 2016, with approx. 70 participants. The open event would have been hosted by the central park of Miercurea Ciuc, but due to the rain the „Szent Imre” Youth Center was transformed into a closed parking lot.

The programmes were hosted by the enthusiastic group of volunteers, youngsters of the Saint Augustine Day Care Center and members of the Caritas. At the different stops everyone found the most interesting, exciting passtime for themselves.
At the YOUNG PARK the participants could try the techniques of planking, and they became brilliant beaders, they had the opportunity to decorate different shapes of mandalas, or they could prepare windwhirls with creativity. The volunteers would paint on the smiling children`s faces decoritive themes.
At the YOUNG HELPING INJURED YOUNG PARK the Saint Augustine Day Care Center`s youth and staff invited participants to a playful gathering. During the event those curious could take a peak at the everyday lives of those living with handicaps. As a peak event of the day the participants and the passers-by were drawn onto a spectacular FLASHMOB.
In the STRESSLESS PARK those willing to enter could get information about family violence, its different aspects, and the impacts of it upon children, and had a few minutes` worth of open debate about the issue, whereupon they told their viewpoints and experiences about the topic. Following these they could use the special drunken glasses, which made them aware how can our sensory perceptions be changed by say alcohol. As a last bit of the PARK we talked about the different behavioural aspects, and reactions hiding specific emotions, and how stress appears in our lives as well as how can that be overcome.
The event took place as part of the XII. Harghita County Fair.
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