Move your body, move your soul

The third day of the Caritas volunteer camp also offered lots of activities to senior citizens. Seated exercise to get the blood pumping, brain workout to keep the mind sharp – just to mention some activities form the program booklet.

Two Caritas workers, Gabriella Gáll and Rita Nagy-Portik coordinated the activities between 10 and 12 o’ clock. The activities included crossword-puzzles, coloring, but also memory exercises. Bittersweet memories quickly resurfaced: “The family hasn’t even encountered money in any form; they would sell a chicken at the market over the hill for a few handfuls of produce. These were the times when a mother would cut a piece of candy in four for her four children. And even though times were tough, women still cared about their appearance: they never left the house without an apron and a kerchief.”

Tell us about a memorable wedding – said one of the question cards, provoking a host of unforgettable memories. “On the night of a wedding reception, the father of the groom died. We would have kept quiet about it, but word got out. The music stopped, the guests left. We packed up, went home, put on black clothes and the remainders of dinner became the funeral feast.”

There still were plenty of stories to share and a very interested audience to listen, but the small group switched to doing a bit of seated excercise. They really got their bodies moving, proving that working out doesn’t have an age limit. When saying goodbye, they promised to return the next day, since they were interested in what the lecturer had to say at 5 o’clock at the Alzheimer’s Café event.

The 20th Caritas Volunteer Camp was organised by Caritas Alba Iulia and has been made possible by the support and partnership of the local government of Lăzarea, and Harghita and Covasna county councils. We would also like to thank the businesses and civil organizations that have contributed to the camp: End-Ibo, Ditró Bakery, Odorest, “Vekker” Coffee Community, Fapicom, Csíki Csipsz, Arbor Association of Entrepreneurs, Smart Safety, Caritas Logistics, Lăzarea House of Culture, Lăzarea Guild of Volunteer Firefighters, Transylvanian-Hungarian Astronomy Association.

Article: Katalin Balázs 
Translated by: 
Zsuzsa Kertész