Rita about the One million stars

What does the charity action called One million stars for the needy mean for me? It means turning into volunteers a larger group of people, and that excitement with which we work together in order to help a community. It is a pleasure to see a donator place a candle, but an even bigger reward to see that man who was helped with a pack of food from these donations.

The solidarity action called “One million stars for the needy” makes us, volunteers work together more tightly, too, not only the given community. It is an honor for us that every year we can imagine and draw the pattern on which the participants can place their candles. My most pleasant experience this year was when a small child came and helped us in relighting those candles which were blown out by the wind.

My presence at this event has become a habit for me, and it is a joy for me to live its every moment year after year.

Rita Györfi, volunteer at Miercurea Ciuc