Road towards a better self-knowledge

The third “Összefűző” took place at Sovata, in between the 4th–6th of November 2022 with 28 participants.
The main theme was The Role of Playing and how playing can help with our self-development, our self-knowledge and self-discovery.

Straight after the registration process, we took part in a team building game, which helped with getting familiar with the others. At the same time, we had the opportunity to pause and reflect on ourselves too, for example what kind of our personality traits we may have and what motivates our behaviour in different situations. Later on, we had free activities, wellness, board games, watching movies or going for a walk, all to guarantee our comfortable staying.

Next morning the Outward Bound trainers took us to their campsite. The activity was called “Kulcs az önismerethez”, key to self-discovery and self-knowledge. We had a few hours assisted walk in the woods, and within this walk we played games in pairs and in groups. In the Outward Bound campsite we carried on with different games and activities, including a climbing exercise, which illustrated the importance of group work and communication within our group. We stayed all that long at this campsite. By the time we had to go back to our accommodation, it became dark. We walked back with torches. After dinner we had free activities again to choose from.

After breakfast,  on Sunday morning, we had our closing activities. We were evaluating and reflecting on our experiences. We said goodbye with a lot of gratitude, happiness and big smiles on our faces. This Összefűző was a lovely and a positive experience for me. I enjoyed taking part in the activities and games which were very entertaining and useful in our aim for a better self-knowledge. I liked getting to know the members of our group. I am sure, I’ll meet them again sometime in another Caritas event. Thinking back, I can say, it would have been a shame to give a miss to this event, as I’ve learnt so much about myself thanks to the group, the activities and the games.

Thank you Caritas for this opportunity, it was an amazing experience for me!

Bogyó Boróka,

Thank you for support Bethen Gábor Fundation and Târgu Mures City Hall.

Translated by Fazakas Teréz