Skillful hands

We are very happy when our colleagues come up with great ideas to which they ask our help. This time we were asked to make small, colored didactical tools which are indispensable for their everyday work. I became excited at once and after a few phone calls I gathered a small team who was willing to undertake the noble endeavor.

When I was holding the manuals for handcrafting the tools, I could barely wait for the afternoon to come. Knowing the girls, I knew that we were looking forward to a joyful and fulfilling evening.

When I showed them the interesting little toys we could make for the small pupils so learning could become easier for them, in a matter of seconds every tool-to-be-made had a craftsman. We made dices, puzzles, distractive multiplication tables, cheerful little pictures for illustration, little shoes helping them to tie shoelaces together and many more interesting things. As the tools were getting ready, the girls grew ever happier.

When the bell was tolling for 9 o’clock, we were amazed how time flew away. As little sedulous ants, we were trying to finish the tools that were only half ready, and we said goodbye hoping to meet again soon.

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Fekete Gyöngyvér, volunteer coordinator in Târgu Mureș