Smile of sick children

Hi, my name is Andreea and I’ve been a volunteer for the Caritas Alba Iulia association for about half a year.
In this period of time, I didn’t only have the oportunity of meeting wonderful people, who are preoccupied with the future of the society, but also the oportunity to actively get involved in both the development of our social system and the development of myself as a person and as a volunteer.

The most recent project that took place was „The world-wide ill’s day” through which , I believe, we brought a smile to the children that were hospitalised at the Emergency Hospital Petroşani.The kids were very delighted with this initiative that gave them the chance to escape from monotony and to enjoy some play time with the Caritas volunteers. I, a person passionate about music, thought it would be a good idea to play the guitar for the preschoolers. The little ones were very eager to find out more about the musical instrument and, altough at first they were a little bit shy, after some time we started singing together. I was really surprised that they wanted to teach me some other songs and I was delighted to find out that the children are developing an interest in music.
I consider that this action had a positive impact on the children and that we successfully completed our goal, the one of bringing a little joy to the ill kids of the Emergency Hospital Petroşani.

Andreea Ciobanu, Caritas Alba Iulia, Petroșani volunteer