Something good always comes out in the end!

This year was the second that I helped with the summer activities of the „Cseperedő” programme. I had no idea what it consisted of when I first went, but since then I’ve really got to know it and love it. When the idea of helping out came up again this year, I was delighted as I was looking forward to taking part in this exciting programme again.

This activity, designed for young children, takes place over several weeks during summer. It consists mostly of indoor activities, such as tracks with obstacles, musical activities and much more. On Thursdays, however, there is a special day outside, in the fresh air.

This day will be more varied, as the organizers are preparing a longer programme with several smaller „stations”. These activities will take place in the courtyard: bubble blowing, painting, „baking”, playing in the sand, sliding, an obstacle track and lots of other games to try, from a rocking horse to a trampoline.

Both times, I was assigned to „baking”, meaning playing with dough, and I can assure you, that it is the children’s favorite. The children can play with salt dough and once a shape is ready, they put it in the oven, symbolically, where everything is baked. A bit of magic, a bit of swapping and they’re smelling the finished goodies, which are usually sponge cakes or scones. Children love it and the feeling is unsurpassed when you see them enjoying the work of their little hands.

That’s what draws me back every time, the joy of seeing how happy they are and that I can be part of this source of happiness and help.

Our activities are supported by the Bethlen Gábor Fund. Thank you!

Written by: Eszter Makkai, volunteer
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás