Spring artizan market

Sometimes if we connect fun with necessity, good things can be achieved; and if we get together in order to do things, the goal has been practically reached. That’s what happened… when our colleagues in the Day Center for Early Development and Education tried to figure out how to make some money to change the very shabby carpet which is on the floor of a room where children come on daily basis for different activities. The idea came to make some items with the help of our volunteers and members of the staff, things such as Easter decorations, jewels, refrigerator magnets, calendars, flowerpots, crates, cakes and many more.

The items had been made for three weeks with the help of the staff as well as our volunteers. „It is always fun to create. The process, the end product and the fact that we made things for a good goal make us happy. That’s what makes creative work rewarding. An agreeable afternoon, making new friends, talking, laughter and meanwhile the small wonders were born” – this is how our volunteer Fehér Andrea looks back to the afternoon, when she was part of the creative work, too.

The numerous working hands attained the goal. On Friday the market was started with 885 pieces of artizan items of 45 kinds. At the event were invited mainly the mothers of the children attending our activities. Everyone has found something likeable and as this event was originally meant to be a charity action, the value of the items were given by the buyers.

Despite the fact that at the end of the day not every item was sold, the market was a success, as the goal was obtained. We’d like to thank all those who made this possible.

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Fekete Gyöngyvér, volunteer coordinator in Târgu Mureș