Stay playful!

I’ve been volunteering for 4 years now at Caritas Alba Iulia. During these years I participated in 4 summer camps. The camp always has a different theme that’s interesting for both the kids and the hosts.  This year the motto of the camp was “Stay playful!”. Our goal was to make online games playable in real life, with a little twist. We showed the children that they can have fun outside the digital world by playing with each other in real life.

This year the camp began on the 27th of June at the sports field at Ojdula and ended on the 1st of July. During this time, the children were introduced to games inspired by online gaming that were also educational. During the week the children competed against each other in small groups, but could also use their imaginations freely, because they made their own costumes. They showed their creations to their parents and family members on the last day of camp. We adapted games that the kids were familiar with, for example: Fifa, Formula 1, Minecraft and CS:GO(PUBG).

The preparations took a lot of brainstorming and to-do lists, but our efforts weren’t fruitless. It was lovely to see the children smile, work together and help each other. As tired as we were, we still started another exciting day with a lot of energy. The children helped us, volunteers, recharge with their enthusiasm and cheerfulness.  After a camp like this, I feel like a winner, too, because I learn just as much as the children and get to be part of a big family.

Written by: Hanna Hodor, volunteer
Translated by: Zsuzsa Kertész

We would like to thank the Bethlen Gábor Fund for it’s support!