Summer camp with the Superar team

I met the Superar team first at our summer camp, where I had the chance to participate as a volunteer.

At first I was worried about fitting in with the kids as a completely new person, about whether we could be on the same wavelength or not. But as the hours passed and the mood got lighter and lighter, I started to feel like a real member of the team. I spent most of my time at the camp with the girls from Zetea and Miercurea Ciuc. Almost every single one of them was teeming with positive energy.

One of my favorite moments with them was when we put on some music and one half of the team had fun dancing, while the other had a nice deep conversation and got to know each other. Another lovely moment was the evening chat we had sitting in a circle. It was surprising and heartwarming to see the girls, who always seemed to be fired up, come to a halt and listen respectfully to what everyone had to say.

I feel like the camp has given me the opportunity to work on myself. Because we had quite the sizeable group of children – 91 youngsters to be exact – on our hand, we could use all the help we could get to keep everything running smoothly. Punctuality, paying attention and teamwork were all crucial parts of these few days and in retrospect, these were all things that we learned a lot about during our stay.

The things that I got to experience during my time in the camp have exceeded all my expectations. We grew really close to the kids, learned a lot of new things and made plenty of memories. I hope I will have the opportunity to join the Superar team in the future.

Our programme is supported by the Bethlen Gábor Fund. Thank you!

Written by: Nóra Miklós-Fábián, volunteer
Translated by: Zsuzsa Kertész