Supermarket of Volunteering

Dear readers!
Or if you are little or an adult with more experience, I am sure that you have lived more than one Christmas time. I am convinced that in every year it is a big work to buy gifts or to make a special surprise for your family and friends. Since I am a student at University, I don’t have time for shopping before Christmas, because I am quite busy with exams and when I am at home with my family, I try to spend all the time with them.
But anyway, I am not really wanting to narrate about these things….

Once in a lifetime, there was a children’s house in Târgu Mureș, called “Emmaus”. Children from there are enchanting me all the time when I meet with them. Their love and trust has a magic power, which makes my soul forgotten about everyday stress. My heart became friendlier, my mind lets all things on the streets, in the bus and gets an incredible unit – or two- with good mood to play and child’s life from “Emmaus”.
Shortly passes one year from last Christmas, however from my solemnly film I can’t forget the episode about my story, which started in Târgu Mureș where I am doing volunteering at Caritas. A city which is far from my home, though with a decorated centre makes me to feel like at home and to celebrate Jesus’s birthday like at home. You meet with children, who are very pleased about everything, they care more about if you are smiling or give a group hug or some minutes from your life to spend with them.

Two weeks before Christmas there my heart was totally thawed. I felt that I don’t miss the Christmas tree, I don’t worry about gifts for my family or closer friends, I was interested in just to be with children from “Emmaus” house who asked me to draw something Christmas. And then, I “was looking for my talent in my pocket” with enthusiasm and started to draw a Christmas tree ..and so one.
Later, suddenly a little girl asked me:
• “Do you have sisters or brothers?”
This question surprised me totally, because I have never been asked about my family, just about friends, University of Medicine, student life, but I have more story about them.

• “Yes, I have a twin sister”. “Do you know what does it mean?”- I asked them.
• “Yes!”- answered in choir. “A sister who looks like you.”- they were totally convinced.
• “Not exactly!”- and I started to explain the story about dizygotic twins, then I told my sister’s name. They were listening to me and I am sure that in their mind there is an imagination about “Anita number 2”, however my sister is similar with me like other simple sisters.

In the following moment, Csenge a little girl from the 4th class of Elementary school, started to draw something. She had a mysterious mimicry, she was most inspired than before, she didn’t say anything just was drawing and staying in silence. Five minutes later, she came to me and showed her artwork. There was a decorated Christmas tree, two blonde girls, similar more or less and was written my name and my sister’s: “Anita and Boglárka”. This action was an avalanche for me, I couldn’t imagine before how could be this thing in children’s mind, everybody writes letters and draws my sister, but in this two hours I’ve got a special gift, love and sincerity, filled with childhood and innocence, what they gave to me, for a 20 years old girl, that they don’t know.

Well, if it is hard to be creative to buy something special for Christmas for your close friends or family and you don’t have any idea about it, then I recommend to you the Supermarket of Volunteering, a world with surprise, honest tears and smiles, sincerity…
Last year I didn’t need to think about this problem, what could I buy for my sister…and it was enough…