Szép Remények (Great Expectations)

The “Tu ești schimbarea+” program was a memorable experience for us this year. Compared to last year, our job was easier because the target group for our activities was given. Helping others is a joyful experience by itself, especially if we also succeed to cooperate meanwhile. Choosing the elderly as the target group of this year’s “Tu ești schimbarea+” was ideal for our team. This year we celebrated the 425th anniversary of our school, Tamási Áron High School, therefore we chose elderly, retired teachers as the target group for our activities.

The teachers to whom we brought Advent wreaths welcomed us, they were happy to talk about the celebration and the school, but many other topics came up as well. It feels good that it’s not only us, volunteers, who want to do something good, but there are also others helping us and working together with us.

Unfortunately, the program lasted for a short period, but we plan on continuing with our activities in the future. However, doing something good does not require specific programs. There are so many opportunities everyday to do good and we just have to seize them. We hope we can take part in the “Tu ești schimbarea+” program next year as well and that we can become veterans at Caritas. 🙂

Sebestyén Imelda, volunteer in the Szép Remények (Great Expectations) team from Odorheiu Secuiesc

(translated by Razman Noémi-Katalin)