Team building Miercurea-Ciuc

Between the 20-21th of October took place the team-building event of the volunteers from Ciuc. We began the Friday afternoon with games of making friends, we had to find out each other’s first names by asking questions and the reward for the answer was a letter from our name. After this we agreed upon some rules, we told our opinions and talked about what we had actually brought to this event. The afternoon passed with further interesting games that helped us in getting to know each other better. Finally the evening arrived, and we had to say goodbye for a short while, but we knew that an exciting Saturday was ahead of us.

We began the Saturday morning with big group games, which helped us to pay more attention towards the others and ourselves. Then we formed smaller groups and we took part in an interesting exercise. We had to choose two colored pencils, a color we liked and another we disliked. We had to describe our external features: with the favorite color a positive feature and with the other a negative one. For me that was an interesting task, as in my ordinary days I don’t much measure these features. There were people who could describe their negative sides better, others succeeded in describing their better selves. This task was a warning for all of us, to not only pay attention to our negative sides, but to the positive ones as well, to accept ourselves the way we really are.

After the exercises we went to the Merkur Hotel, were we ate a tasty lunch. During the break after lunch we had time for a little fun and singing. Vanessa, a German volunteer played on her guitar for us.

I am glad I had the chance to be there. This team building event was for me a very good opportunity to know my mates better.

Rita Györfi, volunteer at Miercurea Ciuc