The great team is together again

It is Saturday morning, it is raining, but we, the volunteers of the Sfântu Gheorghe Caritas awakened happily… as not only have the volunteers of Târgu Secuiesc paid us a visit, but the 6th Volunteer Cup was organized at the local stadium. The Caritas team was made up of volunteers from Târgu Secuiesc as well as from local ones. The volunteer cup begun at 10 o`clock in the morning and 9 different civilian organizations measured their strength and skills. The teams played mole football which was very funny, as they played wearing swimming glasses, which made every movement quite difficult. This was followed by playing tenpins, and in the end they competed in different skill games. The Caritas team ended the tournament in the fifth place, they were very smart, those who were not playing on the pitch were jittering from the tribunes.

After the tournament we met at the office of the local Caritas, where we played games that helped us in getting to know each other better and which was greatly enjoyed by everyone. After this everybody could decide how to entertain themselves. Some were sewing, others were singing to guitar music, and some played team games. Meanwhile down in the kitchen the tasty supper was being prepared. After supper we all went back to entertainment and the cue was ever higher. At midnight we went to rest and we were anxiously waiting the next day, Sunday.

Sunday arrived, it was still raining when we woke up, but that wasn`t against our zest. We gathered again at 10, and started the morning by looking at pictures, then some went to the spa of the nearby Sugas bath, a few went on playing social games as last night, others played pool, all in all everyone did what they liked best. We ended the useful and buzzy weekend with a common lunch. The volunteers from Târgu Secuiesc prepared for departing to their homes, but we hope they will visit us again.

For me this weekend was very entertaining and useful, as I got to know people better.

Molnár Zsuzsa, volunteer at Sfântu Gheorghe