The spark of love ignites in volunteering

”Taking fills our hands, but giving fills our hearts.” ~Margarete Seemann~

Ever since I was born, I have felt an urge to help the people around me with anything I could. A few months ago, I decided to become a volunteer at Caritas. It was the best decision I have ever made. My inner world has been completely changed. The desire to help others has only grown bigger within me. This feeling is only natural in my everyday life. We must help always and everywhere. There is always somebody in need of help and there is always somebody to offer their help. For example, God, who helps through us. 🙂 I believe that people who help others without expecting anything in return, are the ones who truly love.

I want to practice love throughout my entire life, and there is no way to do it better than by offering my help. It feels amazing to see the smile on people’s faces and to hear the two words that are the most wonderful to me: “Thank you!” Unfortunately, the way to this smile is a rather difficult one, paved with sadness on people’s faces and in their hearts, because they don’t know how to deal with their problems. This is why volunteers are needed, to help wherever they can, using their spare time to serve a good cause. They can help the elderly with grocery shopping or just a plain visit. Of course, there are bigger problems than shopping… But for the elderly, whose every step is a difficult and risky one, this is the biggest challenge. It is already a great help to listen to both their problems and joys.

Helping is no more than earning a good point on God’s list.

We all have one or two kind words to share with others; therefore I encourage you to share them with the people around you! Perhaps that kind word or thought will make someone’s day brighter or maybe even save their day. Be generous when it comes to helping others! Because whatever we give, we will get in return.

Szőcs Bernadett, volunteer in Gheorgheni

(Image source: Google)

Translated by Razman Noémi-Katalin