The world of touch, to touch the world

This corn flour slips through my fingers so fast, and it prickles my feet and sole if I step on it. I could pet this shell all day long, I enjoy having my fingers massaged by its pleats. I can work with this sand dough so well, let’s fill these molds and make a bucket, a star, a flower and a bird. 

I now know I can draw and paint with my fingers and toes, no more need to use the brush. It’s so much fun when the paint runs down all the way to my elbow, it tickles my skin. I may have too much paint dripping down to my paper, but I don’t mind it. Why not smudge it all around and make something out of it. I can make the best use of a flat stone to make a colourful drawing. How about all the bubbles what surround me with their shine and rainbow colours. Oh, how much I like everything which is light, and round, and colourful, my best choices are these jumpy balls! Tiny beads can make the best mosaics, but it’s also fun to decorate on sticky surface or go for a dip with your favourite ball. Out of all the best activity may be rolling the giant balls. It’s so enjoyable to slide all the way down on a slide, and to have someone to help to take the challenges of the obstacle course. My mum wants to protect me, but I rather try on my own these challenges. Jump, crawl and walk, and feel under your sole how the surface massages your feet. Make the best cookies in the magic oven, my fingers enjoyed preparing the dough and shape them all. The taste of these coconut cookies came out magical too!

This was the way how all children felt who took part in the summer activities organised by the „Cseperedő” program of Caritas Alba Iulia. Furó Boglárka, Ilonczai Erika, Joó Ibolya, Mezei Borbála and Palotás Hajnal prepared and co-ordinated these activities. Apart from the regular activities, they spent a whole day with games which involve developing the kids’ touch sense. They put together many outdoor games and activities too for another fun day.

Their aim was to use as many items from nature and from our surroundings as possible. The kids were able to feel the touch of walnuts, beans, corns, wheat and rice. They were also playing with shells, beads, different size of balls, or use building blocks. They experienced how is puddling in a water full of balls or lay down on balls too. If there were too many of them in a game, they experienced how does it feel to get a light hit of a plastic ball on their skin. There was a tunnel made of mattresses and soft objects, there were obstacle courses where they tried out their balancing skills. They had opportunity to use corn flour or dough to make pretty shapes.

There was a wide range of outdoor activities of cookie preparation, use of slides or trampoline, playing with bubbles, drawing, colouring on papers or stones, or even on their mum’s skin. There were balancing games, playing in the sand or target shooting by hoops.

The aim of these activities was to create opportunities to try out new experiences, new challenges where the kids might felt out of their comfort zone but they were able to successfully complete a challenging new form of a game. This new experience can contribute to their self-confidence and prepare them to take  with bravery their future challenges either in childhood or later on in their grown-up life.

They had all those kids taking part too who usually have their individual activities at „ Saint Agnes” Rehabilitation Center. We would like to thank very much for the following volunteers who helped in the preparation works, looking after the kids and in tidying up after the activities: Lorenzovici Zsófia, Kovács Nóra and László Szilvia.

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Written by: Júlia Orbán
Translated by: Teréz Fazakas